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Glutathione Lightening Body Lotion: Highly concentrated egg yolk extract and enriched collagen delivery deep nourishment to sagging skin to incre..

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Glutathione Lightening Body Lotion: 

Highly concentrated egg yolk extract and enriched collagen delivery deep nourishment to sagging skin to increase elasticity and firmness.

            Description: Softer microfiber fabric adheres to your skin and delivery active components quickly and intensively. Mask sheet is concentrated with egg yolk extract which nourishes rough skin and gives moisture and radiance. It is excellent for make your skin soft, smooth, and bright, you can feel that your skin tighter and lighter.

Glutathione Whitening Body Lotion:

Contains high powerful whitening ingredients which are all natural. Glutathione and Alpha Arbutin. It is effective in reducing the appearance of darken spots, blemishes, freckles, pimples, and blackheads. Stabilised Vitamin C and carrot oil goes beyond mere bleaching of the skin. The breakthrough ingredients have been proven to not only inhibit the production of black spots,but also to disperse and fade existing Melanin. You will feel a difference in only a few days.

Glutathione Gold Luxurious Body Lotion:

New formula contains higher level of glutathione plus additional anti-ageing ingredients such as Collagen & Stem Cell for total whitening formula that will help beautify & repair damaged skin for a glowing complexion . Promotes skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles and fine lines formation. Helps skin regain youthful and radiant complexion. Maximum strength acne spot treatment, clear pimples quickly and helps reduce the visible signs of acne and dissolves oil for clear looking skin

  • Whitens skin with all Natural Marine Plant essence
  • Penetrates Deep into skin to achieve maximum whitening, moisturizing & anti-ageing
  • Contains Glutathione & Collagen to whiten, firm & protect skin of any age. 
  • Sunblock protects skin from UV  damage

GLUTATHIONE lightening body lotion accelerates flaking of dead skin to fall faster. Reduce freckle and dark spots control the oil that causes acne. For those who prefer whitening skin. Brightness look radiant look healthy antioxidants are effectively enriched. Kojic Acid and Egg yolk that are beneficial to the skin without chemicals.

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