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ABC Hair RelaxerNP Gandour "The Mark of Beauty"·Monday, 21 November 2016Items in the Kit Box1PCS of relaxer base 225ml1PCS of cream activator 25ml1PC..

ABC Hair Relaxer

Items in the Kit Box

  • 1PCS of relaxer base 225ml
  • 1PCS of cream activator 25ml
  • 1PCS neutralizing moist
  • 1PCS oil moisturizer 15ml

How to Use

Virgin Hair

Mix activator cream with relaxer base, using spatula and mix together until cream is even. (Homogeneous).

Relaxed Hair

Apply relaxer cream on new growth only, section by section, starting at the roots. Avoid overlapping relaxer onto previously relaxed hair.

Timing Chart

  • Normal - Regular Hair: 15-18 minutes
  • Fine-Fine-Fim: 10-15 minutes

“3 IN 1” ABC Shampoo, with olive oil, has been specially formulated to neutralize, fortify and detangle hair after bring softness and shine while protecting hair from relaxing aggressive effects.

ABC Oil Moisturizer: Is a nourishing care for hair treatment. It facilitates brushing, protects from heat, sun and dryness.

It can be used daily while combing your hair. Can be applied on dry or towel dried hair.

Relax your hair with the ABC Hair Relaxer Kit... ABC, the ABC of Relaxing!

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